2014 Shortlist

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International Shortlist

pilgrim-boast Book: Pilgrim’s Flower
Poet: Rachael Boast
Publisher: Picador
seasonal-hillman International Winner
Book: Seasonal Works with Letters on Fire
Poet: Brenda Hillman
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
silverchest-phillips Book: Silverchest
Poet: Carl Phillips
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
colonies-rosenthal-rozycki Book: Colonies
Translator: Mira Rosenthal
Poet: Tomasz Rózycki
Publisher: Zephyr Press

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Canadian Shortlist

reddoc-carson Canadian Winner
Book: Red Doc>
Poet: Anne Carson
Publisher: Jonathan Cape, McClelland & Stewart
ocean-goyette Book: Ocean
Poet: Sue Goyette
Publisher: Gaspereau Press
correspondences-michaels Book: Correspondences
Poet: Anne Michaels
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart

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Griffin Poetry Prize 2014 Anthology

2014-anthology The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2014
Edited by Robert Bringhurst
House of Anansi Press

Royalties from The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology will be donated to UNESCO’s World Poetry Day, created to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression, and to offer endangered languages the opportunities to be heard in their communities.

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Griffin Poetry Prize 2014 Photo Gallery

Karen Solie, Scott Griffin
Mira Rosenthal, Greg Domber
Robert Bringhurst, Carolyn Forché, Dorota Rózycka, Tomasz Rózycki
David, Julie and Rachael Boast, Karen Birmingham
Sue Goyette, Peter Munro
Colm Toibin, Scott Griffin
Ellen Dore Watson, Jose de Freitas, Krystyne Griffin, Adelia Prado
Carl Phillips, Anne Michaels
Robert Currie, Anne Carson
Anne Michaels, Brenda Hillman, Krystyne Griffin
Jo Shapcott
Rachael Boast
C.D. Wright
Brenda Hillman
Robert Bringhurst
Carl Phillips
Tomasz Rózycki, Mira Rosenthal
Ellen Doré Watson, Adelia Prado
Anne Carson
Sue Goyette
Anne Michaels
Front row (left to right) - Rachael Boast, Sue Goyette, Anne Carson, Brenda Hillman, Anne Michaels Back row (left to right) - Adelia Prado, Ellen Watson, Scott Griffin, Carl Phillips, Robert Bringhurst, Mira Rosenthal, Tomasz Rozycki, Jo Shapcott, C.D. Wright
Anne Carson
Mira Rosenthal, Tomasz Rozycki
Krystyne and Scott Griffin
Sue Goyette, Peter Munro
Krystyne Griffin, Patrick Crean, Susan Swan
Krystyne Griffin, Carl Phillips
Krystyne Griffin, Dorota Rozycka, Tomasz Rozycki
Karen Birmingham, Julie, David and Rachael Boast
Krystyne Griffin, Dennis Lee, Susan Perly
Roo Borson, Kim Maltman, Martha Butterfield
Anne Michaels, Sam Solecki
Adelia Prado, Jose de Freitas
Mira Rosenthal, Greg Domber
Catherine West, Ian Burgham
Robert Priest, Marsha Kirzner
Doug Knight, Shelley Ambrose
Jack Rabinovitch, Judy Clarke, Anna Porter, Julian Porter
Nicola Makoway, Lynn Henry, Kristin Cochrane
Ellen Seligman, Colm Toibin, Robert Currie, Anne Carson
Daniel and Ashley Smith
Krystyne Griffin, Karen Solie
Ruth Smith
Karen Solie, James Langer
Melissa and Tom Allen
Ben McNally, Mary Ladky, Charles Foran, Lynn Thomson
Kristin Cochrane, Anne Carson
Adrienne Clarkson, Colm Toibin
Aisha Sasha John
Mark Medley, Barbara Howson, Carolyn Wood
Scott Griffin
Poetry In Voice winner Khalil Mair
Adelia Prado, Ellen Dore Watson
Adelia Prado
August Kleinzahler
Anne Carson, Scott Griffin, Brenda Hillman
Robert Bringhurst, Colm Toibin, Carolyn Forche, C.D. Wright
Carolyn Wood, Bianca Spence
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Photo credits: Tom Sandler Photography

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See also 2013 Shortlist.

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    I’m in already for the 2015 combat 🙂

    I just must show the uniqueness of African inks and sphere…. 🙂

    Congratulations once again!

    The Jungle Poet
    From Gambia

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