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Announcing the 2016 Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlist

International Shortlist

Norman Dubie International Winner
Book: The Quotations of Bone
Poet: Norman Dubie
Publisher: Copper Canyon Press
Joy Harjo Book: Conflict Resolution for Holy Beings
Poet: Joy Harjo
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Company
Don Paterson Book: 40 Sonnets
Poet: Don Paterson
Publisher: Faber and Faber
Rowan Ricardo Phillips Book: Heaven
Poet: Rowan Ricardo Phillips
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
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Canadian Shortlist

Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments by Ulrikka S. Gernes, translated by Per Brask and Patrick Friesen Book: Frayed Opus for Strings & Wind Instruments
Translators: Per Brask and Patrick Friesen
Poet: Ulrikka S. Gernes
Publisher: Brick Books
Liz Howard Canadian Winner
Book: Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent
Poet: Liz Howard
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Soraya Peerbaye Book: Tell: poems for a girlhood
Poet: Soraya Peerbaye
Publisher: Pedlar Press
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The Griffin Poetry Prize 2016 Anthology

Edited by Adam Sol

House of Anansi Press

Royalties from The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology will be donated to UNESCO’s World Poetry Day, created to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression, and to offer endangered languages the opportunities to be heard in their communities.

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Griffin Poetry Prize 2016 Photo Gallery

Robin Robertson, Scott and Krystyne Griffin
Soraya Peerbaye, Tracy K. Smith
Scott Griffin, Joy Harjo, Lee Maracle
Adam Zagajewski, Scott Griffin
Ulrikka Gernes, Per Brask, Eve Joseph, Patrick Friesen
Soraya Peerbaye, Michael Ondaatje
Soraya Peerbaye
Krystyne Griffin, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Nuria Royo Planas
Carolyn Forché
Ulrikka Gernes
Soraya Peerbaye, Per Brask
Eve Joseph, Patrick Friesen
David Whitton, Liz Howard
Lee Maracle, Owen Sapulpa, Joy Harjo
Alice Oswald, Adam Sol, Tracy K. Smith
Soraya Peerbaye, Liz Howard
Carolyn Forche, Robin Robertson, Karen Solie, Don Paterson
Ulrikka Gernes
Tessa Griffin, Scott Griffin, Ruth Smith
Scott Griffin, Mark Doty, Rowan Ricardo Phillips
Florence Richler, Krystyne Griffin
Scott Griffin
Tracy K. Smith
Michael Wiegers (reading for Norman Dubie)
Adam Sol
Joy Harjo
Alice Oswald
Don Paterson
Rowan Ricardo Phillips
Mark Doty
Adam Zagajewski
Per Brask, Ulrikka Gernes
Per Brask, Patrick Friesen, Ulrikka Gernes
Liz Howard
Soraya Peerbaye
Front row (left to right): Liz Howard, Soraya Peerbaye, Adam Zagajewski, Joy Harjo, Ulrikka S. Gernes Back row (left to right): Tracy K. Smith, Per Brask, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Alice Oswald, Scott Griffin, Adam Sol, Don Paterson, Michael Wiegers and Patrick Friesen
Don Paterson
Rowan Ricardo Phillips
Liz Howard
Adam Zagajewski
Kitty Lewis, Miriam Toews
Ruth Smith, Robin Robertson, Carolyn Forche, Mark Doty, Tracy K. Smith
Maureen Scott Harris, Kitty Lewis
Scott and Krystyne Griffin
Ulrikka Gernes
Tracy K. Smith, Karen Solie
Alice Oswald, Don Paterson, Robin Robertson
Michael Wiegers, Carolyn Forche, Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Rowan Ricardo Phillips, Núria Royo Planas
Jack Rabinovitch, Anna Porter
Michael Ondaatje, Linda Spalding
Ruth Smith
Adam Dickinson, Erin Knight
Alice Oswald
Douglas Goold, Libby Znaimer
Jeramy Dodds, Tawny Andersen
Tara Mora
Charles Foran, Mary Ladky
Joy Harjo
Soraya Peerbaye, Mark Jones
Melissa Shirley, Chris Jackson
Ken Babstock
A.F. Moritz, Ayesha Chatterjee, Ian Williams
Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Carolyn Forche, Adam Zagajewski
Peter Lamantia, Ruth Smith, Robin Robertson
Liz Howard
Michael Wiegers (speaking to Norman Dubie)
Ken Babstock, Liz Howard
Michael Wiegers, Scott Griffin, Liz Howard
Michael Ondaatje, Liz Howard
Dennis Lee, Susan Perly
Pia Kleber, Max Streicher
Adam Dickinson, Jeramy Dodds, Tawny Andersen, Catherine Bush, Karen Solie, Matthew Tierney
Joy Harjo, Robin Robertson
Mark Jones, Soraya Peerbaye
Marie Foolchand
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Photo credits: Tom Sandler Photography

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Photo credits:
Norman Dubie, by Matt Valentine
Liz Howard, by Ralph Kolewe
Don Paterson, by Murdo Macleod
Rowan Ricardo Phillips, by Sue Kwon

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