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Announcing the 2015 Griffin Poetry Prize Shortlist

International Shortlist

goodman-something-wang-450 Book: Something Crosses My Mind
Translator: Eleanor Goodman
Poet: Wang Xiaoni
Publisher: Zephyr Press
kazmierski-finite-greg-450 Book: Finite Formulae & Theories of Chance
Translator: Marek Kazmierski
Poet: Wioletta Greg
Publisher: Arc Publications
longley-stairwell-300 International Winner
Book: The Stairwell
Poet: Michael Longley
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
reece-emmaus-300 Book: The Road to Emmaus
Poet: Spencer Reece
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
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Canadian Shortlist

book-congotronic-300 Book: Congotronic
Poet: Shane Book
Publisher: House of Anansi Press
munro-sonoma-300 Canadian Winner
Book: Blue Sonoma
Poet: Jane Munro
Publisher: Brick Books
thornton-hundred-300 Book: The Hundred Lives
Poet: Russell Thornton
Publisher: Quattro Books
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The Griffin Poetry Prize 2015 Anthology

Edited by Tim Bowling

House of Anansi Press

Royalties from The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology will be donated to UNESCO’s World Poetry Day, created to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression, and to offer endangered languages the opportunities to be heard in their communities.

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Griffin Poetry Prize 2015 Photo Gallery

Scott and Krystyne Griffin, Wioletta Greg
Amara Holder, Shane Book, Karen Solie
Spencer Reece, Mary Jane Zapp, Ruth Smith
Fanny Howe, Mark Doty
Ruth Smith, Michael Longley
Marek Kazmierski, Justyna Czechowsha
Melissa Shirley, Eleanor Goodman
Tim Bowling, Carolyn Forché
Piotr Sommer, Fanny Howe
Wang Xiaoni, Canaan Morse, Xu Jingya
Carolyn Forché, Colm Tóibín, Fanny Howe
Russell Thornton, Ruth Smith
Michael Ondaatje, Scott Griffin
Alison and Ann Munro, Jane Munro, Gayle Raphanel
Shane Book, Tim Bowling, Scott Griffin, Russell Thornton
Scott Griffin
Piotr Sommer
Eleanor Goodman
Wang Xiaoni, Eleanor Goodman
Wang Xiaoni
Fanny Howe
Wioletta Greg, Marek Kazmierski
Wioletta Greg
Marek Kazmierski, Wioletta Greg
Michael Longley
Spencer Reece
Shane Book
Tim Bowling
Jane Munro
Russell Thornton
Michael Longley, Mark Doty
Wang Xiaoni, Eleanor Goodman
(Left to right) Russell Thornton, Piotr Sommer, Michael Longley, Fanny Howe, trustee Mark Doty, Wang Xiaoni, Spencer Reece, Eleanor Goodman, Marek Kazmierski, Jane Munro, Shane Book, Tim Bowling, Wioletta Greg and founder Scott Griffin.
Jane Munro, Scott Griffin
Michael Longley, Jane Munro
Stan Bevington, Martin Hunter
Scott and Krystyne Griffin
Peter Tolnai, Emily Murray
Ian Burgham, Catherine West
Xu Jingya, Wang Xiaoni
Alison, Jane and Ann Munro, Gayle Raphanel
Carolyn Forche, Colm Toibin
Max Streicher, Pia Kleber, Janusz Dukszta
Wioletta Greg
Mary Jane Zapp, Spencer Reece
Lorna and Archie Book
Shane Book, Amara Holder
Liz Fox, Bernard Gauthier
Anna and Randy Boyagoda, Kate Marshall Flaherty
Marek Kazmierski, Justyna Czechowsha
Patrick Crean, Marni Jackson, Scott Griffin, Krystyne Griffin
Charles Foran, Mary Ladky
Jack Rabinovitch, Anna Porter
Prudence Emery, Joy von Tiedemann, Paul Dempsey
Prudence Emery, Pia Kleber
Jane and Tony Urquhart
Ralph and Eileen Garber
Erwin Gonzales, Annaliza Codinera-Gonzales
Christian Campbell, Kara Springer
Ben McNally, Lynn Thomson
Poetry In Voice/Les voix de la poésie winner Ayo Akinfenwa
Carolyn Forché (paying tribute to Derek Walcott)
Colm Toibin (paying tribute to Derek Walcott)
Michael Ondaatje (paying tribute to Derek Walcott)
Piotr Sommer
Michael Longley
Tim Bowling
Jane Munro
Jane Munro, Scott Griffin, Michael Longley
Jay and Hazel Millar
Ian Williams, Ayo Akinfenwa
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Please contact webmaster@griffinpoetryprize.com if we have missed anyone’s names in picture captions. Thank you!

Photo credits: Tom Sandler Photography

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Photo credits:
Michael Longley, by Bobbie Hanvey
Spencer Reece, by Rosanne Olson
Shane Book, by Grace Image Photography, Jeni Fong

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7 Replies to “2015 Shortlist”

  1. Hi,
    Is the 2015 Anthology the one that is signed by the winners and shortlisted poets?


  2. The 2015 anthology offer selections from all of the 2015 shortlisted collections, but it is not signed by all of the shortlisted and winning poets.

  3. Hi! I am interested in sending my poems as I am an amateur writer and want people to read my work.

  4. We’re not able to respond to individual requests for poetry critiques or book promotion retweets. For feedback on your work, we recommend you seek out writing and poetry clubs, circles and associations for assistance, mentorship, collaboration. We provide links on our site including Publishing Resources and Links, Associations and Publications. Hope these help!

  5. poetry is the best weapon to break out during the new world orders war on terror. keep up the good work!

  6. During the reading event of shortlisted poets and the award ceremony, do the shortlisted poets have their books on display/sale and also do book signings? Thanks

  7. Yes, after the reading event at Koerner Hall, books are available for sale and the poets are available to sign them.

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