Entry Form

For the 2022 Griffin Poetry Prize:

Only publishers may send submissions, in compliance with the Rules of The Griffin Poetry Prize.

Please complete and return this form, for each submission along with four copies of each submitted title: press material, a current author biography and digital headshot photographs (300 dpi or greater, TIFF or JPEG format) of the author and translator (where applicable) by December 31, 2021 for books published between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. Works published between January 1 and June 30 are to be submitted and postmarked no later than June 30. Submissions must be received by July 7. Works published between July 1 and December 31 are to be submitted and postmarked no later than December 31. Submissions must be received by January 7. Please remember to complete all necessary customs/duties paperwork when shipping your entries – to save time and additional costs, at the same time ensuring delays are avoided.

Publishers must undertake to comply with the relevant conditions outlined in Number 5 of the Rules should their submission be shortlisted for The Griffin Poetry Prize.

Books postmarked after the December 31, 2021 deadline will not be eligible.

All submission materials should be sent to:

Ruth Smith
The Griffin Trust for Excellence in Poetry
363 Parkridge Crescent
Oakville, Ontario L6M 1A8, Canada

Download the Griffin Poetry Prize entry form in one of the following formats:

Microsoft Word
Click here to download gpp-entry-form.doc (~40K)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Click here to download gpp-entry-form.pdf (~90K)

25 Replies to “Entry Form”

  1. Griffin Poetry Prize entries must come from publishers only. If you are interested in learning more about companies around the world that publish poetry, we invite you to take a look at our database of publishers (http://staging.griffinpoetryprize.com/poetry-publishers/submitting-publishers/) who have submitted entries to the Griffin Poetry Prize since the prize’s inception. Writers’ organizations and poetry associations often offer useful publishing resources, and we provide links to some of them here. (http://staging.griffinpoetryprize.com/poetry-publishers/publishing-resources/).

  2. I would like to enter and I do have a publisher, although, my poetry book was registered and printed on Xlibris.com which is a self-publishing website.

    How does this make my poetry less valuable or meaningful?

  3. If you do have a publisher, your publisher is welcome to send in your book. We look forward to receiving it.

    The Griffin Poetry Prize rules state that entries must come from publishers only – no self-published book is eligible (#4l, Eligibility Criteria). This requirement is consistent with major literary prizes around the world.

    The annual jury for the Griffin Poetry Prize consists of three judges, who have four months or less to read and evaluate 450 or more books/collections before the shortlist is formulated and announced. Opening the prize to self-published works sent directly by authors would increase entry volume and make the judging process difficult to manage in a thoughtful and timely manner. The publishers only requirement helps to ensure that the work of the Griffin Poetry Prize judges – for which The Griffin Trust For Excellence In Poetry is most grateful – produces a high quality and representative Canadian and international shortlist every year.

    The Griffin Trust is continuously evaluating the self publishing realm to understand how it might fit into future eligibility criteria. Thank you for your questions on this subject.

  4. I am an author and owns a publishing firm in Nigeria. What happens when my book is submitted by my own publishing company?
    Is it acceptable?

  5. If your firm publishes the works of several other authors as well as yours, you should be fine to enter. When your firm submits your entries, we invite you to include information about your publishing company’s current or recent catalogues.

    Thank you for your interest in the Griffin Poetry Prize!

  6. I am just curious is there an age requirement. I am a 14 year old girl who has obviously never had a book published.

  7. Tracy, thank you for your interest in poetry and the Griffin Poetry Prize. There are no age restrictions associated with the prize. As long as your work complies with the eligibility criteria outlined in the rules, your future publisher is welcome to submit it. All the best with your poetic endeavours.

  8. If an entry is entered now, will it be held and elegible for the 2014 prize? And does it matter if the book was published by the press in the Fall of 2012?

  9. I wonder if you accept a book that I’ve been published by my own through Create Space Independent Publishing Platform.but by editing my book through this company I found a mistake in my name so I try to fix it but there regulation did not allow me unless I change the name of my book and because i do love the name of my book and because the name is represent the idea of my book , i change the edition to edition 2 .So i wander if it’s OK.?!

  10. I published my book of poetry through an American firm, Authorhouse. Is this considered self publishing?

  11. AuthorHouse Self Publishing describes itself on its web site (www.authorhouse.com) as “the leading provider of supported self-publishing services for authors around the globe.” So yes, we’d consider books published through this service as products of self publishing.

  12. Hello there,

    I have had two poetry books published. Volume 1 by Authorhouse, and Volume II by Canadian self publishing company Sapphira Publications. Will my books be eligible to enter griffin poetry?

  13. Josephine, the full rules for the Griffin Poetry Prize are here in the Rules section of the web site. Per #4 l of the Eligibility Criteria, self-published books are not eligible.

    Thanks for your interest and best wishes with your work.

  14. My publisher is working on entering my work for this prize. But they noted that one of the rules said: “The Griffin Poetry Prize will acknowledge receipt of submissions to publishers only.” We noticed the entry form does not have any field for Publisher’s address or email or phone? In what form will the Publisher receive this entry acknowledgment?

  15. Please take another look at the entry form downloads on this page. There are fields on the entry form for email addresses and phone numbers for contacts at the publishing company. It is through that contact information that we will send acknowledgements to the publisher.

  16. I would like to know is it mandatory to have an author’s Editor for the poetry book. Also , what is meant by available press materials that the publisher needs to submit for the competition.
    Thank you

  17. Yes, your publisher should be able to supply this information as a matter of course, as part of what they do to support your book. Knowing your book’s editor’s name and having access to any press or promotional material (book description, blurbs, reviews, articles, etc.) for your book helps us with background information when we receive the submission from your publisher, and helps us to support the book if it is shortlisted.

  18. I’m a director of Academic Press of Georgia,which is located in Tbilisi- the capital city of Georgia (country). We’ve published a poetry book recently but georgian edition. A few poem is translated into English.
    Am we allowed to apply for this Prize?
    Or english version should be published also?
    Thank you in advance.

  19. Per 4 b of the Griffin Poetry Prize Rules:

    “To be eligible for the international prize, a book of poetry must be a first-edition collection (i.e. not previously published in any country), written in English, or translated into English, by a poet/translator from any part of the world, including Canada.”

    In other words, the version translated into English must be a full translation of the work in the language of origin, and needs to be published in its own right.

    Thank you for your inquiry.

  20. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Does the poem have to be of 42 pages ? How many words can I assume in that case?
    The 42 pages can include the paraphrase of the poem also?
    Can there be multiple poems in 42 pages?

    Thanks and regards,

  21. Per #4 p of the Rules, “A book is defined as having at least forty-eight pages of poetry. The page count does not include blank pages or a book’s front and end matter, such as table of contents, introduction or acknowledgements.”

  22. hello my name is hunter and here is my poem entry

    My heart was as dark as night and hard as stone. My mind was blurry but still it grown.I felt sad until one day before the love I see a girl who looks from the skies above. Her eyes as blue as ice. But her temper is spice.Her long hair as white as snow. She hopes she will grow. Her hands soft to the touch. But she can be a little much. She is wise as a fox but can fit in a box. She sware to help me out. How ever she is nevermore. Reflection. don’t give up on love there’s always that special someone who cares about you.

  23. Hello Hunter,
    Thank you for sharing your poem. However, only book publishers may submit submissions to our prize. Here are the rules of The Griffin Poetry Prize.

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