Inquiries about self-published works

We thank self-published authors for sharing their questions and concerns with us. The Griffin Trust For Excellence In Poetry is cognizant of and considers on an ongoing basis the submission criteria of the prize. We are constantly monitoring the acceptance of self-published works for literary prizes around the world, and balancing that with ongoing consideration of the quality of adjudication and awarding of this annual prize, coupled with the challenges of quantity of submissions and a fixed amount of time in which to give them all thoughtful scrutiny.

Since the Griffin Poetry Prize’s inception, we have offered resources on this web site for poets at all stages in their pursuits and careers.

  • Submitting publishers
    If you are interested in finding publishers in your country, we provide a database of all of the publishers worldwide who have submitted works from their poets to the Griffin Poetry Prize since 2001. We don’t have links to all publishers’ web sites, but you can google their names to find out more about their publishing criteria.
  • Publishing resources
    These resources from different writing and poetry organizations will guide you in preparing your work for publication and seeking out a suitable publisher.
  • Awards for unpublished and self-published authors
    As you seek recognition for your work, are you exploring the burgeoning field of awards for unpublished and self-published authors? Here is a list of some awards, with some excellent advice:

  • Events calendar
    Our International Poetry Calendar provides listings from around the world that include events directed at aspiring poets, including workshops, mentorships and more. As well, the calendar invites you to submit events and deadlines of interest to poets and readers.

Please contact us if you have suggestions for additional resources that we should feature here.