Poetry Publishers

In addition to showcasing nominated poets and works every year on the Griffin Poetry Prize shortlist, the Griffin Trust feels it is equally important to spotlight the publishers bringing noteworthy poetry to readers around the world. It is only through poetry publishers that the Griffin Poetry Prize receives its hundreds of qualified entries every year.

Poetry publishers are showcased in this section in two ways. The Griffin Trust hopes this will encourage more readers to learn about poetry publishers, as well as inspiring more publishers to submit entries for the Prize.

  • Submitting publishers database – Explore the titles of thousands of poetry books that publishers from around the world have entered to compete for the Griffin Poetry Prize since 2000. Where available, poetry book entries in the database provide links to publishers’ Web sites so you can explore their offerings further.

  • Publisher newsletters and online content – An easy way to learn more about the diverse and exciting world of poetry is to subscribe to the electronic newsletters, e-mail alerts and other online content (including Facebook pages and Twitter feeds) provided by many poetry publishers.

3 Replies to “Poetry Publishers”

  1. I would like to have my poetry book published.
    I have been working on the book since 1987.
    It is dark, but uplifting.
    Please let me know if you are interested.\thx

  2. There are several new publishers who are pioneers in poetry publication in Abuja, Nigeria’s relatively young capital. They are promoting poetry reading sessions on weekly or monthly basis. I will be glad to connect you with some of them.

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