2011 Shortlist

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International Shortlist

Book: Human Chain
Poet: Seamus Heaney
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Book: Adonis: Selected Poems
Translator: Khaled Mattawa
Poet: Adonis
Publisher: Yale University Press
Book: The Book of the Snow
Translator: Philip Mosley
Poet: François Jacqmin
Publisher: Arc Publications
International Winner
Book: Heavenly Questions
Poet: Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

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Canadian Shortlist

Canadian Winner
Book: Ossuaries
Poet: Dionne Brand
Publisher:McClelland & Stewart
Book: The Irrationalist
Poet: Suzanne Buffam
Publisher: House of Anansi Press
Book: Lookout
Poet: John Steffler
Publisher:McClelland & Stewart

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Griffin Poetry Prize 2011 Anthology

The 2011 Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2011
Edited by Tim Lilburn
House of Anansi Press

Royalties from The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology will be donated to UNESCO’s World Poetry Day, created to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression, and to offer endangered languages the opportunities to be heard in their communities.

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Griffin Poetry Prize 2011 Photo Gallery

Chase Twichell, Michael Ondaatje, Dionne Brand
Dikka Berven, Carolyn Forché, Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Keith Berven
Yves Bonnefoy, Krystyne and Scott Griffin
Yves Bonnefoy, Mathilde Bonnefoy
Yves Bonnefoy
Philip Mosley
Suzanne Buffam, Srikanth Reddy
Scott Griffin, Michael Ondaatje, Krystyne Griffin
John Steffler, Tim Lilburn
Pura López Colomé, Carolyn Forché
Dionne Brand
June Dickenson, Ruth Smith
Khaled Mattawa, Krystyne Griffin, Chase Twichell, Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Scott Griffin, Carolyn Forché
Jane Urquhart, Avie Bennett
Louise Dennys
Atom Egoyan
Scott Griffin
Tim Lilburn
Robin Robertson (reading for Seamus Heaney)
Colm Toíbín
Khaled Mattawa
Chase Twichell
Philip Mosley
Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Yves Bonnefoy, Carolyn Forché
Yves Bonnefoy
Dionne Brand
Suzanne Buffam
Suzanne Buffam
John Steffler
Michael Ondaatje, Khaled Mattawa, Scott Griffin
Front row (left to right) - Dionne Brand, Colm Toibin, Chase Twichell, Suzanne Buffam / Back row (left to right) - Robin Robertson, Philip Mosley, John Steffler, Scott Griffin, Khaled Mattawa, Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Tim Lilburn
Dionne Brand
Pat Pidgeon, Liz Marshall, Doug Kaye
Sian Richards, Murray White, Suzanne Buffam
Anne Michaels
Emily Mockler, Eva O'Brien, Gillian Fizet, Meredith Dees
Dennis Lee, Susan Perly, Anna Porter
Scott Griffin, Dionne Brand
Shu-Ching Mosley, Philip Mosley, Krystyne Griffin
Jane Bunnett, Larry Cramer
Nadia Szilvassy, Laurie Graham, Mark Byk
Lidia and Andrew Maleckyj
Douglas Goold, Libby Znaimer
Khaled Mattawa, Chase Twichell
Gjertrud Schnackenberg, Dikka and Keith Berven
Douglas Pepper, Colm Tíobín
Martha and George Butterfield
John Steffler, Susan Gillis, Scott and Krystyne Griffin
June Dickenson, Ben McNally, Lynn Thomson
Sylvia Fraser, Patrick Crean
Shelley Ambrose, Doug Knight
Michael Ignatieff, Zsuzsanna Zsohar
Tim Powis, Colm Toíbín
Michael Callaghan, Gabriela Campos
Theresa Moritz, A.F. Moritz
David Sobelman, Rishma Dunlop
Barry Callaghan, Claire Weissman Wilks
Scott Griffin, Lois Lorimer, Catherine Graham
Colm Toíbín, Jack Rabinovitch
Ruth Smith, Krystyne Griffin
Scott Griffin
Poetry In Voice winner Jonathan Welstead
Yves Bonnefoy
Tim Lilburn
Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Colm Tóibín
Dionne Brand
Dionne Brand
Dionne Brand, Scott Griffin, Gjertrud Schnackenberg
Tim Lilburn, Carolyn Forché
Denise Donlon, Jack Rabinovitch, Shelley Ambrose
Jonathan Welstead , Dawn and Jonathan Welstead Sr
Martin Levin, Paul Vermeersch, John Macfarlane, Douglas Pepper
Richard Gwyn, Carol Bishop Gwyn
Tessa Griffin, Jonathan Welstead
Krystyne Griffin, William Thorsell
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Photo credits: Tom Sandler Photography

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