2009 Shortlist

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International Shortlist

Learn more about Griffin Poetry Prize 2009 International nominee Mick Imlah. Book: The Lost Leader
Poet: Mick Imlah
Publisher: Faber and Faber
book-mahon Book: Life on Earth
Poet: Derek Mahon
Publisher: Gallery Press
book-wright International Winner
Rising, Falling, Hovering
Poet: C.D. Wright
Publisher: Copper Canyon Press
book-young Book: Primitive Mentor
Poet: Dean Young
Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press

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Canadian Shortlist

book-connolly Book: Revolver
Poet: Kevin Connolly
Publisher: House of Anansi Press
book-dodds Book: Crabwise to the Hounds
Poet: Jeramy Dodds
Publisher: Coach House Books
book-moritz Canadian Winner
Book: The Sentinel
Poet: A.F. Moritz
Publisher: House of Anansi Press

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Griffin Poetry Prize 2009 Anthology

2009-anthology The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2009
Edited by Michael Redhill
House of Anansi Press

Royalties from The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology will be donated to UNESCO’s World Poetry Day, created to support linguistic diversity through poetic expression, and to offer endangered languages the opportunities to be heard in their communities.

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Photo credits:
Derek Mahon, by John Minihan
C. D. Wright, by Marnie Crawford Samuelson

Griffin Poetry Prize 2009 Photo Gallery

Michael Wiegers, Derek Mahon
Derek Mahon
Margaret Atwood
Carolyn Forché, Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Margaret Atwood, Carolyn Forché, Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Brecken Hancock, Jeramy Dodds, Theresa Moritz, A.F. Moritz
R.H. Thomson (reading for Dean Young)
Michael Redhill, Saskia Hamilton, Derek Mahon
Dennis O'Driscoll, Robin Robertson, Margaret Atwood
Saskia Hamilton, Michael Redhill, Dennis O'Driscoll
C.D. Wright, Forrest Gander, Krystyne Griffin
James Wood, Robert Hass, Scott Griffin
C.D. Wright, Carolyn Forché, Margaret Atwood
June Dickenson, Elana Rabinovitch, Ruth Smith
Krystyne Griffin, Margaret Atwood
Jeramy Dodds, Kevin Connolly, A.F. Moritz, Michael Redhill
Derek Mahon, A.F. Moritz, Jeramy Dodds, Kevin Connolly, C.D. Wright, Scott Griffin
Jess Atwood Gibson, Ros Porter, Margaret Atwood
Tessa, Kitty and Tony Griffin
Tony Griffin
Scott Griffin
Saskia Hamilton
Guillermo Verdecchia (reading for Mick Imlah)
Dennis O'Driscoll
Derek Mahon
Michael Redhill
C.D. Wright
R.H. Thomson (reading for Dean Young)
Scott Griffin, Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Carolyn Forché
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Kevin Connolly
Jeramy Dodds
A.F. Moritz
Front row (left to right) - Derek Mahon, A.F. Moritz, Jeramy Dodds, C.D. Wright, Michael Redhill / Back row (left to right) - R.H. Thomson, Saskia Hamilton, Guillermo Verdecchia, Kevin Connolly, Scott Griffin, Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Dennis O'Driscoll
Kevin Connolly
Jeramy Dodds, A.F. Moritz, Derek Mahon
Michael Ondaatje
Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Dennis O'Driscoll
C.D. Wright
Ruth Smith, Leslie Greentree, Blaine Newton
Dennis O'Driscoll, Robin Robertson, Noah Richler
Joseph Bednarik
Florence Richler, Krystyne Griffin, Anne McCall
James Wood, Jess Atwood Gibson
Scott and Krystyne Griffin, Sinclair Russell
Sinclair Russell
Saskia Hamilton
Jess Atwood Gibson, Margaret Atwood, Ros Porter
Jeramy Dodds, Brecken Hancock, Michael Redhill
Derek Mahon, Carolyn Forché, Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Derek Mahon, Krystyne Griffin
Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Krystyne Griffin
Krystyne Griffin
Austin Clarke
Ben McNally, Lynn Thomson
Sophie McCall, David Chariandy, Krystyne Griffin
Austin Clarke, David Chariandy
Paul Dempsey, Joy von Tiedemann, Krystyne Griffin
David Young, Margaret Atwood, Ben McNally, Lynn Thomson
Tessa Griffin, Peter LaMantia
Krystyne Griffin, Leon Rooke, Patrick Crean, Scott Griffin, Susan Swan
Michael Wiegers, Lynn Thomson, C.D. Wright, Ben McNally
Vit Wagner, Kevin Connolly, Gil Adamson
William Thorsell, Michael Enright, Fran and Gini Donker
Sarah MacLachlan, Leslie Lester, Lynn Henry
Michael Holmes, Amy Logan Holmes
Scott Griffin, Louise Dennys, Ric Young
Erika de Vasconcelos, Nino Ricci
Jack Rabinovitch, Judy Clarke
Michael Winter, Krystyne Griffin
Scott and Krystyne Griffin
David O'Meara, A.F. Moritz, Michael Winter, Christine Pountney
Albert Schultz, Leslie Lester
Ben McNally, Geoffrey Taylor, Christopher Dewdney
Ken Babstock, Jeramy Dodds
Lynn Henry, Laura Repas, Anna Luengo, Claudia Dey
Michael Redhill, Sandra Martin, Austin Clarke
Hans Magnus Enzensberger
James Wood
Michael Redhill
C.D. Wright
C.D. Wright, Scott Griffin
C.D. Wright
Saskia Hamilton, Dennis O'Driscoll
Saskia Hamilton
A.F. Moritz
A.F. Moritz, Scott Griffin, C.D. Wright
LMT Connection
LMT Connection
Ginny Griffin, John Craig
Ruth Smith, Rick Rowe
Tim and Nalini Stewart, Geoffrey Taylor
Robin Robertson, Michael Ondaatje
Christopher Dewdney
Linda Spalding, Ellen Seligman, Jim Polk
Scott Griffin, Sandra Martin
Stan Bevington
Ashley Madden, Daniel Smith, Leslie Greentree, Blaine Newton
Scott Griffin, Margaret Atwood
Dionne Brand, Michael Ondaatje
Ralph Walker, Leslie Greentree, Blaine Newton
Leon Rooke, Linda Spalding
Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Krystyne Griffin
Joseph Bednarik, Christopher Doda
Jeramy Dodds, Kevin Connolly
Scott Griffin, Tessa Griffin, Michael Ondaatje
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Photo credits: Tom Sandler Photography

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